Everyone knows that getting a full night’s sleep keeps you refreshed for the following day. Besides a boost in energy, a restful night can improve the quality of your skin. This is why many people live for their “beauty sleep.” Most dermatologists explain that during sleep, the body’s repair mechanism heals daily damage. Here is a closer look at the relationship between sleep and your skin care.

The Link Between Skin and Sleep

Certain physicians who specialize in sleep medicine have tried to solve the mystery connection between skin and sleep. They have uncovered that as you rest, your body uses its lymphatic system to flush away toxins. Also, your brain produces hormones that repair areas that have become damaged. These hormones help regenerate cells and repair tissues as well.

When you do not receive adequate sleep, your body becomes stressed. As this tension builds, your natural defenses take hold and release hormones that inflame skin. This is the main cause of dark circles that you see after a restless night. When lack of sleep continues for long periods of time, your skin’s structure becomes negatively affected. It appears saggy and wrinkled. Puffy eyes and acne breakouts commonly result as well.

Quality Sleep is Important

Besides receiving the proper amount of rest, you must have quality slumber as well. During the last few sleep stages, your skin enters its rejuvenating phase. This is the deepest part of your rest cycle. If you fail to reach this point of sleep, your skin will not have the ability to take advantage of repairs. Low-quality sleep makes the body release cytokines. These cause skin to look red and inflamed. If you suffer from eczema or acne, these substances will make the conditions worse.

Skin Care That Masks the Negative Effects of Sleepless Nights

Although you are advised to go to bed early and to try to remain asleep throughout the night, this is not always possible. Everyone has a restless night from time to time or an early morning after an evening out. To mask the effects on your skin, there is a brand of skin care that was designed to help you overcome periods of poor sleep. “This Works” includes natural remedies that will help you get past these times and will help you get back to a healthier sleep routine.

There are a few ways to incorporate some of the products into your life.