Melanoma – Deadliest form of Skin Cancer


The Skin Within

Inflammation has been linked to cancer, arthritis, Alzheimer’s and heart disease. Here’s how it can also lead to aging skin.   By Rona Berg -...

Comprehensive Wellness Analysis

From Guts to Glory: How My Dermatologist Helped my Mental Health By Gloria Cospito - Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Writer Wellness Analysis...

Cellfina: The Basics of Cellulite Treatment

Cellfina is a breakthrough treatment for cellulite. In fact, it is the only minimally invasive, FDA-approved procedure that has been fully verified...

Botox Myths

If you're looking for a way to reduce or eliminate frown lines, crow's feet and other fine lines and wrinkles, BOTOX may be the answer. However, you...

Introducing Cellfina – The Game Changer in Cellulite Treatment

Cellfina™ - Game Changer in Cellulite Treatment. What is one of the most common aspects of being a woman next to actually being a woman? Having...

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Russak Dermatology Clinic


Russak Dermatology Clinic

“Welcome! In founding Russak Dermatology Clinic, my mission was to create a state-of-the art practice providing comprehensive care in medical and cosmetic dermatology.  Our philosophy at Russak Dermatology Clinic is all about starting younger with science proven skincare and maintaining your results.  My mindset as a physician is to enhance my patient’s natural features, not radically alter who they are.  We turn to the latest advancements in aesthetic technology to treat age-related and hereditary concerns on both the face and body for vivid results.”


Dr. Julie Russak


Women Aesthetics

“There are many factors that contribute to an aging face, including loss of volume, texture changes, formation of deep-set wrinkles, under-eye hollows and more. Russak Dermatology Clinic's 3-D Facial Restoration method, a customizable combination of neurotoxins, dermal fillers, skin-tightening and resurfacing procedures, results in a natural, lifted and refreshed look. From skin aging to body contouring, our scientifically validated treatments provide comprehensive correction and ongoing prevention to restore your skin and body’s natural health.” 


Medical Dermatology

Dr. Russak currently serves as Associate Professor at Mount Sinai Hospital, where she teaches Dermatology Residents and Medical Students. Her clinical interests and expertise extend to many aspects of General, Cosmetic and Pediatric Dermatology, Skin Cancer and Dermatologic Surgery. Russak Dermatology Clinic is one of a select few NYC clinics that offer MelaFind®, the first FDA approved, non-invasive and painless medical device for skin cancer detection. MelaFind®, a breakthrough medical device for dermatologists, helps detect melanoma at its most curable stage.

Men Cosmetic and PRP

Male Treatments

Men are becoming increasingly aware of the necessity of professional skin care and treatments to create and maintain healthy, recharged skin. Dr. Russak and her team of professionals recognize that men’s skin and concerns are different than women’s, specializing in addressing those needs. Stressful and demanding work schedules can significantly wear on the skin. With quick, no-downtime treatments, our male clients can quickly refresh and be back at the office. Whether your concerns include looking less stressed, getting rid of unwanted hair, addressing excess sweating or improving the quality of your skin, you can trust our clinical team and approach.

Board Certification and Professional Membership

American Board of Dermatology
American Academy of Dermatology
American Society of Dermatologic Surgery
Skin Cancer Foundation

Russak Dermatology Hospital Affiliation and Awards

Mt. Sinai Hospital
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American Medical Association

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LIP injections

Lip Injections Facts


Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance found in the body. It helps increase volume in your lips. These types of dermal fillers are sometimes called ...

..."hyaluronic acid fillers." Collagen, once the most common dermal filler, is used less often today.

Your lips will be a little swollen at first, but you'll see the effects of the fillers pretty quickly. Give your lips 24 hours to settle and the swelling to calm. Then you'll be seeing your filled-out lips as they will be for the next few months.

If done correctly, lips with injections don't feel any different than real lips. Not even when you're kissing.

There's practically zero downtime. The procedure takes about 15 to 20 minutes total, and the numbing will start to wear off after about 15 minutes. You can go about your daily life afterward but shouldn't make any big plans (like a wedding or an important event) for at least three days in case you bruise.


PRP - Platelets Rich Plasma


Platelets have long been known for their role in early hemostasis, while their tissue regenerative properties have been discovered only over the

last decade. Platelets have long been known for their role in early hemostasis, while their tissue regenerative properties have been discovered only over the last decade. Recent studies have shown that platelets intracellular granules contain hundreds of active cytokines and growth factors, all critical during tissue healing and regeneration. By isolating and concentrating platelets through centrifugation it is possible to concentrate the growth factors and deliver them in a specific area where biostimulation is needed. The highly concentrated growth factors stimulate endothelial cells and fibroblasts to proliferate and differentiate leading to angiogenesis, new collagen deposition and contraction. In addition, platelets stimulate the recruitment and differentiation of mesechymal stem cells.




Coolsculpting is a whole new way to approach fat reduction. The process is all-natural – the cold temperature and your body do all of the work to remove ...

...the excess bulges.

Developed by Harvard scientists, FDA-cleared, and patented procedure uses a targeted cooling process that crystallizes the fat cells underneath the skin. Once crystallized, the fat cells die and are naturally eliminated from your body.  CoolSculpting uses a vacuum applicator to draw the tissue into a receptacle and extracts heat from the fat cells to cool them, which causes them to die.  Once the fat cells crystalize, they break down without causing damage to the collagen, elastin or skin.