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Russak +
Russak +


In founding Russak+ Aesthetic Center my mission was to create a new therapeutic treatment paradigm to maintain and enhance healthy skin. Changes in skin appearance are the result of shifts within the body’s naturally occurring, optimized state. Traditionally aesthetic medicine has only addressed the skin surface imperfections without targeting the cause. At Russak Dermatology Aesthetic Center, we believe that changes in skin are a reflection of the body’s bioprocesses and state – if the source is not treated then the skin problem will be reoccurring.

Our customized, integrative care reexamines and treats skin’s changes through a holistic medical approach. We support skin repair and healing with advanced therapeutic modalities that provide a dual phase recalibration of internal and external bio-functions. From skin aging to body contouring, our scientifically validated treatments provide comprehensive correction and ongoing prevention to restore your skin and body’s natural health.

I invite you to discover our customized services – uniquely curated and developed for your skin needs.

Julie Russak, MD





All consultations include a detailed skin analysis, using the Skinscope LED. This device utilizes two light modes: Daylight, and LED-UV. While some skin concerns are visible in everyday light, some are only visible under UV light, which highlights concerns and damage beneath the skin’s surface by detecting skin’s fluorescence.


This deep cleansing clinical treatment is customized to benefit any skin type. The face is cleansed, steamed, and gently extracted of all impurities. A chemical peel specifically chosen for your needs is then applied. Recommended every 4-6 weeks to maintain clear, healthy skin.
(60 minutes)


Get that red-carpet ready glow with an effective and utterly state-of-the-art way to exfoliate the skin, while increasing efficacy and penetration of topical ingredients. Our expert aesthetician uses a specialized instrument that works on a micro-thin layer to gently remove dead skin cells. Treatment is finished by a light peel and liquid nitrogen cryotherapy to give your skin that instant, radiant glow.
(60 minutes)


Using transdermal delivery, this treatment capitalizes on the rejuvenating power of hyaluronic acid, infusing this powerful molecule with essential vitamins deep within the dermis. By providing a targeted delivery of hyaluronic acid molecules of different molecular weights and customized antioxidant blends, skin is instantly hydrated and firmed while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for a luminous, dewy complexion.


Our customized facial treatment addresses specific needs by facial zone using various mask formulations simultaneously. This unique approach helps to address area-related skin concerns such as excess oil, pore congestions, dehydration, and more.
(60 minutes)


Promoting even, smooth skin, this multi-step treatment includes deep exfoliation, steam and extractions followed by a gentle peel and seaweed-based purifying mask.
(45 minutes)


According to your skin type and concerns, our expert aesthetician will choose from a variety of peels including: glycolic, lactic, jessner, and specialty peels from SkinMedica, SkinCeuticals and GLYTONE. These peels target hyperpigmentation, firmness, texture, pore size, and oil production. Immediately, your complexion appears clear and refreshed.
(15 minutes)


This gentle laser treatment addresses early signs of skin aging to refresh and help achieve a more even tone, smoother texture, and reduced pore size. Clear + BrilliantTM is also a novel way to topically deliver antioxidants deep within the dermal layer to stimulate collagen production and repair damage.
(40 minutes)


This gentle photo-rejuvenation targets brown spots, broken capillaries, facial redness, acne, and rosacea to restore a brighter, more even skin tone while boosting collagen production. Ideal for addressing pigment irregularities on the face and body.
(35 minutes)


Utilizing light based therapy, this cellular treatment helps repair damaged skin cells, boost micro-circulation, and stimulate collagen synthesis to brighten and smooth photo-damaged skin on the neck and décolletage. According to your skin type and concerns, our expert aesthetician will choose from a variety of specialty peels according to area. This multi-corrective treatment targets hyperpigmentation, firmness, texture, pore size, and oil production.  Red light recommended every 4 weeks.
(45 minutes)


Our light-based device uses pulsating energy to target and destroy the hair follicle permanently inhibiting future hair growth. Series of 5-7 sessions is suggested.


This procedure involves lymphatic drainage techniques that help tighten, retexturize, and repair damaged skin using the SkinCeuticals Body Correct line as well as a professional body peel. Recommended in conjunction with CoolSculpting® and Ulthera® treatments.
(60 minutes)


COSMOPen is the latest generation in Mesotherapy, a technique of injecting small amounts of customized cocktails with active ingredients into the mesoderm – or middle layer of skin. In addition to stimulating collagen syntheses these boosters address various skin needs inlcuding scars, stretch marks to fine lines and wrinkles.

Corrective Boosters:
Age-Repair Defensins – Activates body’s master stem cells for multi-age correction.
Botox – Tightens pores and provides a subtle lift to the skin.
Brightening Complex – Lightens brown spots while brightening overall complexion.
Hyaluronic Acid – Retains essential moisture to plump and hydrate skin.
Phyto Corrective Gel – Provides anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties to soothe, calm, and hydrate sensitive or problem skin.
Plasma Rich Protein (PRP) – Growth factor rich plasma derived from each person’s own blood sample promotes repair and essential nutrient delivery.


Combining two star corrective modalities – microneedling and radio frequency, this intensive treatment creates precise and controllable micro injuries to promote collagen remodeling and allow for targeted delivery of Age-Repair Defensis which stimulate natural Master Stem Cells- your skin’s source of fresh cells as you age.  This revolutionary age-correcting treatment effectively treats photo-damage, smooths texture, and revives firmness and elasticity.


Our unique hair restoration method, backed by clinical studies, utilizes microneedling technology and PRP stem cell rejuvenation coupled with the power of Dr. Russak’s proprietary blend of clinical actives to reactivate hair follicles for fuller, denser hair regrowth. Ideal therapy to maintain hair density, or treat thinning hair. Series of 8 sessions spaced 2 weeks apart is suggested.


IV Therapy rapidly boosts nutrient levels in the center of cells–where nutrients are needed most to ensure optimal cellular function. IV Therapy infuses the body with vital, customized vitamins, minerals and antioxidants directly into the bloodstream, for 100% vitamin absorption to replenish depleted nutrients and fluids. Our treatments are uniquely formulated around your skin and body’s needs to promote energy, repair, boost immune system, detoxify and overall body-skin wellness from the inside out.




Red Light – Utilizing light based therapy, this cellular treatment helps repair damaged skin cells, boost micro-circulation, and stimulate collagen synthesis to brighten and smooth photo-damaged skin. Recommended every 4 weeks.
(20 minutes)

Blue Light – Clinically proven, this LED treatment destroys acne-causing bacteria responsible for inflammatory acne, cystic breakouts and blemishes, without any of the adverse effects associated with traditional prescriptions. Recommended every 4 weeks.
(20 minutes)


Achieve a safe, and flawless glow with our customized airbrush bronzing application. This safe, certified organic sunless tan effectively contours the body in all the right places, creating a slimming effect. Glow will last 7 days and fade naturally.
(20 minutes)


Our eyebrow specialist perfectly reshapes each brow according to facial structure. Over time harsh waxes and threading can aggravate the skin and breakdown the skin’s protective barrier. This chemical free, non-irritating brow-shaping treatment, complete with a hydrating under-eye mask, will leave skin healthy and unharmed.


Promotes internal defense against environmental and lifestyle aggressors.

This fruity, super food-enriched green tea combines goji berries and blueberries with a blend of roasted yerba mate to neutralize aging free radical damage and support repair.

Promotes a clearer complexion.

This aromatic green tea utilizes thyme, rooibos, holy basil, and burdock to impart anti-inflammatory, acne fighting properties in each brightly flavored, antioxidant-rich cup of tea.

Promotes lymphatic drainage.

The detoxifying properties of dandelion, Indian sarsaparilla root, and black pepper are combined with the anti-inflammatory benefits of ginger in a warming tea blend that promotes purification of impurities and circulation.

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