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Wellness Analysis

A Letter from Dr. Russak

Wellness is a lifestyle; it involves proper nutrition, supplementation, exercise and adequate sleep. When all factors are aligned, your body will function at its prime.

You may have heard that a high sugar diet is bad for you and antioxidants are good, but did you ever learn the clinical explanation of why this is true? Do you know how critical gut health is for our overall well-being? Over half of the American population suffer from hidden food sensitivities, which when unaddressed stimulate chronic inflammation and may be a trigger for or associated with other medical conditions such eczema, gastrointestinal diseases, allergies, anxiety, fatigue and weight gain.

Did you know you have the power to turn on healthy gene expression and internally protect your precious proteins, including collagen and elastin?

Our Comprehensive Wellness Analysis is there to reveal important information about your body, while imparting crucial medical facts that will stay with you for a lifetime.

I am eager to take this journey with you.

Julie Russak, MD

Our Approach to Your Wellness Analysis


Determine lifestyle factors and antigens stimulations chronic inflammation and nutrient deficiencies utilizing comprehensive medical testing. Available tests range from food sensitivity, mineral/vitamin levels, cortisol testing and more.


Remove dietary, chemical and environmental antigens, restoring gut health, reducing overall inflammation and stimulating healthy gene expression.



Protect your body from accelerated glycation, free radical production and oxidative stress through diet, lifestyle changes, supplementation and professional treatments for overall wellness and rejuvenation.

Wellness DNA

Dr. Russak doesn’t just reveal problems; she comes prepared with solutions. You will have everything you need to leave the appointment armed and ready to change your lifestyle and improve your health. The Comprehensive Wellness Analysis Patient Guidebook is extremely detailed. It hits upon a wide range of health aspects, explaining what lifestyle habits cause them to not function properly and the ways you can help your body work at its best. From regulating insulin and maintaining gut health, to protecting collagen proteins and the necessity of adequate sleep, this little book breaks down the many ways we have control over our own wellness. The Food Intolerance Guidebook is your roadmap to your new diet. Dr. Russak’s team customizes this to the results of your testing, listing the foods that you are sensitive to, what food items to avoid because they might contain them and alternatives to those risky foods so your diet is never lacking.

Finally, Dr. Russak will present your Treatment, Supplement & Nutritional Plan. It will have detailed list of supplements you would be taking, the foods you needed to remove from your diet, the ones you should add, and your fitness and sleep goals. After this in-depth meeting, you will leave Russak+ armed with the knowledge you needed to change your diet and lifestyle to achieve your specific health goals.

The Result

The results and plan from Russak’s Comprehensive Wellness Analysis are not a like a juice cleanse where you go on it for a few days every time you want a flatter stomach or health boost. No, the knowledge you take away from this treatment will shape a lifestyle overhaul. Once you realize that daily discomfort does not have to be your norm and that increased energy and reduced inflammation are possible, you’ll find it’s easy to make the lasting changes necessary to feel your best. It will be simple now for you to say “no thank you” to ice cream, knowing that gastrointestinal discomfort and face full of breakouts later on will not be worth it.

Holistically, the plan will give you more tools to address your health concerns with targeted knowledge than anything before.

What to Expect from Your Visit

Our test provides personalized insights on how individual’s diet can affect skin health. It empowers physicians with skin care treatment options and dietary micronutrient recommendations based on the patient’s profile.

Wellness Evaluation


Your initial visit involves a thorough overall assessment, analyzing everything from your family medical history, current sleeping habits, to documenting all areas of concerns, from fatigue to allergies.

From there, Dr. Russak will determine the best tests to help analyze your conditions.

Tests and Analysis


  • Hair Mineral Analysis
  • Hair Cortisol Analysis
  • Chemical and Environmental Patch Test Panel
  • Food and Allergies Sensitivities
  • C-Reactive Protein (CRP)
  • Fasting Insulin
  • Hemoglobin A1c Test
  • Omega-3 & Omega-6 Fatty Acids
  • Triglyceride Panel
  • Urine Mineral Analysis
Wellness analysis
Wellness Solution


Together, You and Dr. Russak will map out a wellness plan of action.  This plan includes dietary changes, supplementation recommendations, lifestyle modifications including fitness and sleep goals, suggested reading material to further educate patient on how to better achieve overall wellness from within.  A follow-up visit is scheduled to track progress and modify plan if needed.  Achieving harmony in the body can take some time.  The most important step is making the decision to clinically learn more about your body, in order to properly nurture it with the nutrition and care it yearns to thrive.

Patient’s Testimonials


“When I first heard about the Wellness Analysis that Russak Dermatology is offering, I was skeptical. However, after Dr. Russak and Juliet explained the theory behind the tests, I was intrigued. It made sense that food intolerances, lack of certain nutrients, or too many heavy metals in the body could manifest themselves in certain skin conditions, inflammation and other physical ailments. Thus I decided to “treat” myself to the analysis. Still, I wasn’t convinced that much of anything would show up in my test results and I thought that all the complaints or ailments I listed in the initial questionnaire were merely due to “maturing.”

To my surprise my test results revealed that I have high intolerances to 28 different foods! Some of the worst culprits (milk, wheat, eggs) are intrinsic to my favorite foods and daily staples: Greek yogurt, cheese and pasta. When Dr. Russak told me to cut out the worst offenders completely, albeit temporarily, I was shocked and told her that I couldn’t give up everything on the list at the same time. She was very encouraging and assured me that it could be done and suggested some great alternatives. In addition to Dr. Russak, Juliet is very knowledgeable and was eager to help. She gave me some great food substitution ideas, making my transition to a healthier diet easier. I left Dr. Russak’s office that day armed with my Comprehensive Wellness Analysis Patient Guidebook, determined to make it work.

While I only adopted my new food lifestyle a little over one month ago, I have already witnessed some wonderful results: whereas before I had experienced constant fatigue, I now have a steady flow of energy throughout the day, I don’t get as bloated after meals, and my persistent nasal congestion and post nasal drip have cleared up (I thought they were due to seasonal allergies). As an added bonus, I dropped a few pounds without even trying and am eating as much as before! For a number of years I’ve suffered from blepharitis, a condition of the eyelids, causing them to constantly look red and irritated. Since adjusting my diet, the inflammation has subsided! In addition to the aforementioned health benefits, I’ve come away with so much more from the Wellness Analysis. Foremost for me is the thrill of being able to take control of what I put into my body. When food shopping these days I am careful to read all labels and strive to buy only those products with wholesome ingredients and containing as few of them as possible.

While I am now able to slowly reintroduce certain foods into my diet, I no longer crave them as before, and find myself quite content with the alternatives. I now only indulge in my “highly intolerant” food groups occasionally, and I’ve learned how to rotate those foods to which I only have mild intolerances. I have more variety in my daily diet now than prior to the test. I eat out a few times a week and never feel deprived!

Prior to my testing, I never would have believed how fascinating the concept of food intolerance as relates to wellness could be. I strongly encourage anyone who wants to feel their best to opt for the Wellness Analysis.”

“When I first found out about the Wellness Analysis that Dr. Russak offered I was intrigued, because like the doctor, I believe that what happens on the outside of the body often indicates what is happening on the inside. I decided to test for any food intolerance more out of curiosity than for medical reasons. I’m so glad that I did! I look and feel better than I have in years, and in such a short period of time just from making a few small adjustments to my diet. Prior to the test, I never felt sick or had any signs of real skin issues (or so I thought).

I exercise regularly, and generally eat very healthy and well-balanced meals. When I received my results, which didn’t reflect my lifestyle at all, I was shocked! The results indicated inflammation in my body – I was very low on certain key minerals and nutrients even though the foods I regularly ate contained them. My body was unable to absorb them properly. It was then that I realized that certain physical characteristics that I thought were normal for me were really not normal at all. I attributed my constipation and any bloating after meals, even healthy ones, as part of the digestive process. I have had slightly rosy cheeks since I was a little girl and figured that it was just my skin tone. I also believed that not being able to sleep well and being fatigued throughout the day was simply due to the stress that I had in my life.

These all changed once I adjusted my diet.

I noticed major changes within just a few short weeks of eliminating or drastically reducing my intake of those foods that I am highly intolerant to (i.e.; wheat and peanuts), and rotating and eating less of the foods that I am mildly intolerant to. My sleep quality has drastically improved, my energy levels are steady throughout the day, and I am no longer bloated and am more regular. My skin tone is much more even and bright, and I also noticed that my seasonal allergies are much milder than they used to be. I even lost a few pounds without even trying!”


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